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Cutting fluid

Smart Cut Synthetic Water Soluble Cutting Fluid

The Smart Cut synthetic water soluble cutting fluid can be diluted 1:20 with water for cutting applications. Formulation is non-irritable, bio-resistant, easy to mix with water, and includes corrosion inhibitors.


Cutting fluid OS

Cutting fluid


SO Type Cutting Fluid, Soluble Oil

The SO type water soluble oil cutting fluid can be diluted 1:40 with water for cutting applications. Anti-corrosive, bio-resistant formulation. Available in 1 quart and 1 gallon container.

Precision Sectioning Saw

Manual, precision sectioning saw designed for cutting printed circuit boards, ceramics, metal samples and composite components.

Can also be used as a precision cut-off saw for small rods, wires, bars and tubes. Large working area of 6x10" with coolant bath below.

The saw housing and table are made of non-corroding sturdy cross linked polyethylene to ensure durability. Powerful 1/4 HP (115V/1.75A/200W) motor with approximate variable speed of 400-3250 rpm, allows for selecting the best cutting speed for a variety of sample materials.

Uses 4 and 5" diamond wafering blades with 5/8" (16mm) arbor holes. Includes a 4" diamond wafering blade with medium/coarse grit in high concentration, dressing stick and water soluble coolant.




  • Maximum cutting width: 90mm
  • Maximum cutting depth: 4" blade = 25mm; 5" blade = 38mm

For a 230V version a 500W Step Down Transformer with 230V power outlets is available.