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Thickness monitor

Film thickness monitor

This is a compact, low cost, microprocessor-based film thickness monitor for use with the Agar range of coating units.

Sputter targets


High purity disk type sputter targets for a wide variety of sputter or ion coater brands:

  • PELCO®
  • Cressington
  • Agar
  • Bal-Tec
  • Bio-Rad
  • Denton
  • Edwards
  • Emitech
  • Emscope
  • Gatan
  • ISI
  • JEOL
  • Polaron
  • Quorum
  • SPI.


The disc or foil type sputter targets are available in 60, 57, 54, 50 and 19mm diameter.

Most of the disk type targets are clamped to the target holder by a target clamping ring; simply unscrew the clamping ring and change the target.


High Resolution Sputter Coater

The High Resolution Sputter Coaters offer real solutions to the problems encountered when coating difficult samples for FESEM imaging. FESEM applications need extremely thin, grain-free, uniform coatings to eliminate charging and to improve contrast on low density materials.

In order to minimize the effects of grain size we offers a full range of coating materials and gives unprecedented control over thickness and deposition conditions.

The Turbo Pumped High Vacuum System offers a wide range of operating pressures allowing precise control of both uniformity and conformity of the coating, minimizing charging effects.

The HIGH / LOW chamber configuration allows easy adjustment of the distance from target to sample.

The High Resolution Thickness Controller has a resolution of better than 0.1nm. This enables precise and reproducible thin coatings, especially in the range of 0.5 - 3nm, a thickness desirable for FESEM applications.



Preferred Coating Materials for FESEM Applications are:

  • Pt/Pd: General-purpose high resolution coating material for non-conducting specimensCr: Excellent for semi-conductor materials and high resolution back scattered electron imaging
  • Ir: Excellent, virtually grain-free coating material

This system is available in a number of configurations to enable to deliver the best high resolution coatings for your applications. It can be supplied with a standard rotary backing pump or a dry scroll pump for clean room applications.

The standard instrument includes both Chromium and Platinum/Palladium as target materials.


Main features

  • Wide choice of Coating Materials. Magnetron head design and effective gas handling allow a wide choice of target materials.
  • Precision Thickness Control. Thickness optimized for FESEM operating voltage using the High Resolution Thickness Controller.
  • Multi-angle Stage Movements. Separate rotary, planetary and tilting stage movements ensure uniform coating with excellent conformity, even on highly topographic samples.
  • Multiple Sample Holders. Four sample holders are provided to accommodate sample sizes as large as 32mm diameter of up to 6 stubs per holder.
  • Variable Chamber Geometry. Chamber geometry is used to adjust deposition rates from 1.0nm/sec to 0.002nm/sec to optimize structure.
  • Wide Range of Operating Pressures. Independent power and pressure adjustment allows operation at argon gas pressure range of 0.2 - 0.005 mbar.
  • Compact, Modern, Benchtop Design. Space and energy saving design eliminates need for floor space, water or specialized electrical connections.
  • Ease of Operation. System operation and setup is very similar to standard sputter coating and does not require additional cleaning compared to ion beam coaters.

Configurations and short specifications

  • Coating system with 150mm diameter chamber , 165 - 250mm variable height.
  • Magnetron sputter head, shutter, Cr & Pt/Pd target or Ir target standard. Optional targets available are: Ag, Au, Au/Pd, Cr, Cu Fe, Ir, Mo, Nb, Ni, Pd, Pt, Pt/Pd, Ta.
  • Sputter supply with full microprocessor control and digital independent current control.
  • Pumping system with turbo drag / rotary pump combination, producing a fast pumpdown desktop system with all metal coupling and anti-vibration table for rotary pump.
  • Optional dry scroll pump available for cleanroom applications.
  • Integrated turbo molecular drag pump ensures fast pump down combined with high positive pumping speed during sputtering process.
  • RPT sample stage with variable speed and 4 selectable sample holders
  • High Resolution Thickness Controller, microprocessor controller with 0.1nm resolution

The complete High Resolution Sputter Coater is a complete solution and includes:

  • Thickness Controller
  • Rotary-Planetary-Tilting sample Stage with 4 sample holders
  • Cr & Pt/Pd targets or Ir target.

Specifications for the high resolution sputter coater