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For those labs which need both hydrophilic and hydrophobic surface treatments on a regular base, a dual glow discharge system is available to avoid cross contamination of the glow discharge chambers. Hydrophobic surfaces are preferable when organic solvents are used.


Holder Blocks


PELCO® TEM Grid Holder Blocks

Two sizes available: 25 TEM grids in 5x5 matrix and 81 TEM grids in a 9x9 matrix.



Clamping TEM Grid Holder Blocks



Holds 45 grids securely clamped between two plates.


PELCO easiGlow™ Glow Discharge Cleaning System


Optimized for cleaning TEM grids

PELCO easiGlow™ Glow Discharge Cleaning System For one of the most common glow discharge applications, making TEM support films or grids hydrophilic using air, the PELCO easiGlow™ uses an automated and quick cycle with fully selectable parameters. The microprocessor controlled system also offers full manual control for all parameters and an advanced protocol programming feature for custom designed glow discharge applications. Parameters and protocols can be stored to facilitate consistent glow discharge results. Open the shipping box, plug it in, and you can start.  Full list of specifications

The PELCO easiGlow™ Glow Discharge Cleaning System is a compact, quick and easy to use standalone system. It is primarily designed for cleaning TEM grids and hydrophilization of TEM carbon support films, which have the tendency to be hydrophobic. A glow discharge treatment with air will make a carbon film surface negatively charged (hydrophilic) which allows aqueous solutions to spread easily. Manufactured in USA.

With increasingly demanding imaging applications, using clean and consistent quality TEM grids and supports has become more important than ever. Glow discharge treatment of TEM grids removes adsorbed hydro carbons, cleaning them while making them hydrophilic. The PELCO easiGlow™ is an affordable and easy to operate glow discharge system for any TEM lab.The practical chamber size with its newly designed glow discharge head and adjustable stage with glass slide holder allows for easy loading and fast turnaround times. The system is fully microprocessor controlled and includes an intelligent touch screen device for control and display of operation parameters. The PELCO easiGlow™ supports both hydrophilic and hydrophobic treatment with either negative or positive charge and includes two separately controlled gas inlets. The required vacuum level is set by an electronically controlled precision proportional valve. This novel approach eliminates manual setting with a needle valve. A gentle venting procedure ensures that the TEM grids are not disturbed when the system is vented.


Advantages of the PELCO easiGlow™ system:

  • Optimized for cleaning TEM grids
  • Precise and easy vacuum setting
  • Short cycle times
  • Consistent results
  • Auto, programmed and manual mode
  • Intuitive touch screen for display and operation
  • Supports hydrophilic/hydrophobic and negative/positive modes
  • Affordable, compact, standalone system

Specifications of the Pelco easiGlow™




Efficient glow discharge performance for the PELCO easiGlow™
with optimum pressure at given distance from sample to glow discharge head.

Glow Discharge Methods Supported

Surface Condition Charge Atmosphere
Hydrophilic Negative Air
Hydrophilic Positive Air (with subsequent magnesium Acetate treatment)
Hydrophobic Positive Alkylamine
Hydrophobic Negative Methanol

GD4 Rotary Vacuum Specifications

Pumping speed 4.3m3/hr, 72 l/min, 2.5 CFM @ 60Hz
3.6m3/hr, 60 l/min, 2.1 CFM @ 50Hz
Ultimate vacuum 1 x 10-2 mbar
Vacuum connection KF/NW 16
Exhaust connection KF/NW 16
Oil capacity 300cc (included)
Operating temperature 5 - 40°C (41 - 104°F)
Dimensions 337 x 138 x 244mm 13.3" x 5.4" x 9.6" (L x W x H)
Weight 11kg / 24 lbs.
Power rating 110 - 115V 60 Hz, 3.2A, 0.37kW
220 - 250V, 50/60 Hz, 1.6A , 0.37kW