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RMC - sample prep solutions

Expertise in Sample Preparation Techniques

Highly respected experts in sample preparation are happy to share their knowledge with you.

Superior Support

Offering excellent support with the personalized service of a customer service oriented company.


RMC Ultra microtomes


New products

Nauga Needles - nano-needles


Nauga needles is a high-tech company, which have developed a breakthrough nanofabrication technology to grow constant diameter, silver-gallium (Ag2Ga) nanoneedles, at any preferred location (e.g. SPM Probe tips) and orientation.


Nauga needles nano-needles


New products

Pipette tips, pcr tubes, well plates, microcentrifuge tubes


A commitment to innovation, superior quality, and benchmark servicelevels has made BioPointe Scientific the new standard of excellencein laboratory consumables.